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Dinner Menu

For your convenience, you don't have to leave The Robberg Beach Lodge to enjoy good food. We have a delicious menu, available in 2-course or 3-course servings, that includes something for all tastes - even for your little ones!

2-course dinner: R250.00 per person

3-course dinner: R350.00 per person

We recommend: book your dinner when you book your accommodation online, or ask your reservation consultant to include dinner in your reservation when you get in touch to book your holiday.


Saffron garlic mussels ~ garlic mussels in rich garlic mussel sauce
Greek tomato soup ~ tomato and Greek yogurt with a hint of rosemary
Butternut soup ~ butternut infused with ginger and orange
Smoked salmon with beetroot and sour cream ~ beetroot carpaccio topped with sour cream and smoked salmon
Lemon fish cakes with herb crème fresh ~ freshly baked fish cakes with a drizzle of herb crème fresh

Main Courses

Prawn and calamari ~ spicy tomato basted prawn and calamari on penne pasta with chorizo
Oriental chicken pasta ~ curried chicken in a sweet and sour sauce topped with fresh coriander
Spicy tomato cream pasta ~ basil neopolitan sauce mix with tagliatelle pasta (v)
Caprice fillet ~ beef fillet topped with tomato, onion, basil relish and mozzarella
Honey balsamic lamb chops ~ marinaded lamb chops accompanied with a biltong sauce and onion rings
Pepper crusted pork fillet ~ peppered pork fillet with a berry port sauce
Chicken and prawn curry ~ spicy butter chicken and prawn curry (can also be done with just chicken)
Line fish ~ orange and sweet chili infused line fish
Line fish topped with mussels ~ grilled line fish topped with basil neopolitan mussels
Seafood platter ~ line fish, mussels, prawn and calamari


Poached peaches ~ fresh peaches poached in red wine served with mint cream
Malva pudding ~ traditional malva pudding served with custard
Ice cream cake ~ ice cream cake with oreo crust topped with fresh cream and fruit
Deconstructed lemon meringue ~ lemon tart on chocolate soil with french meringue

Dinning Room

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